Sadako Amaya is the current Octava Espada and resides in Las Noches. She is the daughter of Alvaro Lobo and her tower is hidden in a pocket dimension within Alvaro’s castle. She is a Tank/Support with the ability to survive in fights for prolonged amounts of time (using healing and shielding) while at the same time increasing the survivability of her allies using supportive abilities. Sadako is also a practicing witch though she considers herself to be a scientific researcher in the field of Dark Arts.

"I used to think I was wrong in some way… and that God was the reason for this… but who is God? Does he even exist? We choose our own destinies, we decide if we are strong or if we are broken… I know now that I’m not Forsaken… I just am… and I have chosen my destiny… I choose to save you Laxus,” -Sadako Amaya talking to Laxus.

The Reclaimed Prophet
"...And surely I would die for you before I let you fade from this world at my risk… God may not watch over you, but I would shield you with my life,” -Sadako speaking to Laxus.
Race Hollow - Arrancar
Birthday May 3rd
Gender Female
Height 5'6
Weight 105
Family Alvaro, Cade, Hope, Anya, Laxus, Neives, Nefrios
Professional Status
Affiliation Arrancar Army of Las Noches
Partner Laxus
Base of Operations Las Noches
Res Kokoro o Han'ei
Sealed Weapon Necklace Dagger


As a ChildEdit

File:320px-Sunako demon.jpg
In her younger years before confronting her emotions, Sadako had the appearance of a young girl about 13 years of age with dark purple hair that cascaded around her head in separate sections, pale skin and hollow black eyes with a tint of red. She mostly wore different kinds of Lolita fashions with accessories as a way to express her child-like imagination as well as innocence. She was always dressed appropriately and often carried a mysterious spine-chilling air to her. Sadako stood at about 5”3 and weighed about 85-90 pounds. Her body was scrawny not at all fit for battle which led to her needing to be kept inside Alvaro’s tower to keep her from getting into trouble.


File:Tumblr m430u6mykk1qf95qio1 500.jpg
After fighting her inner demons and confronting the emotions holding her back, Sadako was finally able to let go of her childhood and move forward.
Because of this she broke free of her innocent shell and was able to age accordingly(About 17-18 in appearance). Over the course of the three years that followed, Sadako underwent massive physical changes. Her facial features matured to that of an older female, she lost the darkness that covered her eyes fading to reveal her beautiful violet pupils. Her crazy hair loosened up and darkened and was eventually cut shorter resembling more of a messy Japanese hime cut. She grew in height and weight and her body began to change into a mature hourglass shape. Her skin remained pale and her overall aura was still shrouded in mystery but now with a more attractive edge. She grew out of her gothic Lolita style and began wearing dark close fitting clothing that revealed more skin and fit more to her shape. Sadako's hollow hole is located where her heart would have been and her fraccion number is tattooed on the back of her neck, upon becoming Espada her new number showed up on her wrist. Overall her appearance changed quite drastically and this is purely because she was hiding from her true self, the person that she was truly meant to be, hiding in the shell of a child.


As a ChildEdit


As a child Sadako was a mysterious young girl who seemed to be quite childlike and playful. She was seemingly innocent in appearance, however she had a good deal of blood on her hands, something one wouldn’t expect. Sadako had always questioned her existence, questioned what it meant and how it affected the people around her. She always seemed to come to the same conclusion that she was forsaken by god. On some levels she could empathize with Shinigami or other beings that found the Arrancar to be evil. But at the same time she didn't believe that she or any of her people were evil only misunderstood. She embraced the idea that she never asked to be such a horrible creature and that she was what she was. Sadako at times seemed to be deeply conflicted about the motives of her kind, but she always seemed to settle with a dejected feeling about it all.

Sadako was and still is extremely loyal to her kind, especially people close to her. Making a new friend is always important to her as she enjoys the idea of adding more people to her family. She has never been known to betray the trust of a comrade; it’s very easy to confide in her as she will keep your secrets safe. Sadako can easily be loved by those who understand her situation; those filled with senseless uncontrolled hatrid are people that can never truly understand her ideals. Sadako was and still is protective of herself and the people close to her, so much so that the childlike nature can shatter in an instant and she can become a violent predator.

Sadako had an almost creepy air to her that some couldn't deny, as her presence was often consumed in mystery. She always seemed to be hiding behind her thoughts even when she is expressing how she felt about something. Sadako was very emotional and would often express her feelings to people around her if she knew she could trust them. Her emotions were able to get the better of her, especially in battle. Sadako didn't like to admit it, but she was afraid of the Shinigami. She was afraid of people that looked at her differently, she’s was even afraid of herself.

On another note, Sadako was very mature and understanding when it came to being put in a position of leadership. She would try and comfort her comrades to the point of becoming mother-like but don’t mistake that softness for mercy, Sadako would stop at nothing to destroy those that oppose her kind and threaten their existence. Sadako also suffered from guilt after she killed an innocent, especially people that were just following orders and didn’t have a choice. She was very understanding when it came to not having a choice, although it didn't stop her from eliminating the threat.  Sadako didn't kill out of malice she killed to survive, to create a safe place for her kind.



After finally facing her demons, Sadako’s personality lost its child-like innocence. She became much quieter and more reserved if not a bit shy. Her overall dark aura remained but with emphasis on the perplexity of her personality. Her insecurities about herself and her fears seemed to vanish and she became independent and fearless. She gained a better understanding of her existence and why she had been forsaken by god. She learned to embrace the side of her that she was so afraid of and because of this she is able to control it and be more comfortable in her own skin. She no longer questioned her existence, instead focused on what she could do with her existence. She found comfort in expanding her knowledge through research.

Sadako is extremely loyal to her family, especially Alvaro who found and rescued her. As a child she was much more interactive and enjoyed seeking out new friends but with age she became more secluded and less interested in the idea of meeting new people.

File:Tharja portrait.png
This doesn’t mean that she isn’t friendly, she is still friendly to the people she trusts, it just takes time for people to earn her trust, she isn’t as naïve as she used to be. She still seems to hide behind her thoughts even when she is expressing how she feels about something. Sadako is best described as being a bit eccentric, as often people don’t quite understand her. Sadako’s maturity level has increased and she normally retains a level headed attitude in most situations, even if they maybe life threatening. She has the ability to comfort her allies in times of great distress coming off as quite mother like. One of the big changes Sadako has undergone is her understanding of choices. As a child she found it easier to make excuses for people doing things against their will. She now views people like that as spineless, she believes that people have the ability to make their own choices regardless of what they are being ordered to do.

Sadako is known for carrying a grimoire around with her at all times containing spells and rituals that she has studied from the occult, she is a practicing witch as well as a book worm. She has taken on the responsibility of organizing and maintaining the library in Alvaro’s castle. She is very protective of knowledge, thus she is very protective of the library. She has a deep hatred for people that disregard knowledge in any way. Sadako normally isn’t very talkative but when she is she often talks in a very soft spoken voice, always thinking carefully before speaking and taking time to talk calmly. Sadako is very particular about personal space around people she doesn’t know, people that touch her or get to close to her can often put her in a bad mood, unless of course they are close friends.

Alternate Ego (Possession)

During a ritual to attain an object from the Hel
l dimension that would be used as an anchor for Sadako’s future spell, Sadako was possessed by a demon named Rok. This demon wants nothing more than to control Sadako and use her body as a means of attaining power. Sadako is unaware of his presence at the moment as he has not shown himself yet, and mostly maintains control of her body with her advanced emotional control. However, Rok is able to take over Sadako’s body if she at all lets her emotions slip, when this happens her eyes go black and she seemingly glows with a purple aura. Her Reiatsu changes completely to something otherworldly. While Rok is in control of Sadako, she will become aware of his presence and will try and grasp control of her body, to the outside it would appear as if Sadako was talking to herself and switching between personalities rapidly. Rok’s voice is deep and has a demonic nature making it the best way to determine who is talking and in control. Rok is a heartless and cruel being and has no empathy whatsoever, he seeks to absorb energy from things around him, and is drawn to power. His wicked nature is reckless and unforgiving, if in battle, Rok will play at his opponents weaknesses using them to gain an advantage over them psychologically. Rok will sometimes talk about himself in third-person as if he is Sadako or will talk about Sadako expressing his hatred of her and her blind ignorance. Her will make references to the Hell dimension and express his amusement of Sadako’s attempts to control it. Rok is reckless with Sadako’s body, if she were to be in a fight when he takes control, he doesn’t mind throwing her body into close range fights despite her weakness in close range battle. Rok is unable to feel pain and will fight on even if Sadako’s body is damaged heavily, fighting beyond Sadako’s endurance levels but at severe costs.



  • Hypocrites

  • Overwelming Sunlight

  • Disregard for knowledge


File:Little ninetails fox girl spirit capturer by joakaha-d63r6nu.jpg
During the three year time skip, Sadako used a spell to project her child-like emotions and characteristics into a small hollow she later named Nene. Sadako did so that she could maintain control of her emotions and protect others as well as herself from her own dark side. Nene is basically Sadako’s childhood incarnated into a Hollow. For references on Nene's personality look above at "As a Child" under personality. Nene was later killed during a failed ritual.


Life Before

The sweet little Ellie lived in a large mansion with her mother and father. She was loved and cherished by her family and received all sorts of little gifts from them. She loved having tea parties with her dolls and taking little strolls around the mansion. It was always fun for her to go exploring since she never remembered where things were in the mansion, so every day it was a new adventure for her. She was always curious about things, spending a great deal of time in the large library that her father had given to her. But the one thing little Ellie didn’t have was a sister. She’d always longed for a sister, someone she could share her toys with and go exploring with. But whenever she asked her parents about getting one, a sad look always seemed to reflect from their eyes.

Little Ellie was too young to understand just why her parents couldn’t have a kid. She was still too young to know that her parents weren’t her real parents but step parents that had adopted her when she was just a baby. She didn’t know of the tragic story of what had happen to her real parents. All little Ellie knew was that she was alone. Yeah she had her parents, but they were so busy and never had time to spend with her. Often the only friends she had to talk to where her dollies. And even they didn’t always like talking back to her.

It was one early morning that little Ellie decided she would go searching for her own friend outside the mansion. She knew there had to be other children that lived close by, she could often hear them outside running around in the gardens. But whenever she’d asked her parents about them, they had only laughed like she’d just told a joke. But little Ellie was sure of it- sure she could hear children playing. Sneaking out of the house little Ellie made her way through the beautiful garden, tip-toing around until she came upon a part of the garden she’d never explored before. Her parents had always said that it wasn’t safe for her to go exploring too far into the vast garden, but little Ellie had wondered just a bit too far this time. Curious about what there was to see, little Ellie went further into the garden until she reached the maze. Oh how she had to go inside, she just had to know what could be in there. Maybe she would find the other children playing.

Taking a hesitant step forward, little Ellie stepped through the entrance her feet suddenly carrying her deeper into the maze almost as if she had been hypnotized. Soon everything seemed to look the same; everywhere she turned seemed to be another corner or passage. And as the day went on little Ellie realized that she was lost in the maze. And she knew that her parents wouldn’t notice she was missing, they usually didn’t check on her until dinner hour. Ellie began to panic, her heart racing as she tried to find her way out. She was about to start crying when she heard the sound of children laughing. Feeling a bit better Ellie followed after the voices soon coming upon an intersection in the maze. In the middle was a seemingly harmless well.  Stepping forward Ellie was in awe of how secluded the well was, drawing near it Ellie peeked her head in, leaning her body further in.

Suddenly there was a gust of wind and behind her Ellie felt a push, her feet beneath her slipping and she was falling to the bottoms of the dark well. Ellie didn’t feel right, something hurt, something inside her. When she finally came too it was dark above her and there was a sharp pain in her leg. She called out for her mommy but no one seemed to hear her. She was alone and the darkness around her seemed to smother her. Ellie had never been so afraid in her life, but as the night grew darker and the shallow water beneath her colder. She felt a sort of peace, a numbness inside her bones that seemed to put her at ease. But most importantly, she heard the children their voices echoing a haunting melody into the well. Finally little Ellie fell asleep, letting the songs of the children carry her away.

When Ellie awoke she was in her bedroom again, dressed in a white dress. Everything was seemingly ok to her. Had it all been a bad dream? Ellie slipped out of her cotton sheets her toes touching the cold marble. But for some reason she didn’t feel the icy marble she was so used to and there was something else, she could hear crying in the other room. Quickly little Ellie ran into the family room of the mansion her little legs running as fast as she could. But what she found was a horrific scene. Her mother and father were hunched over a little girl, just like her. The little girl looked cold and empty. But why did she look so familiar? Quickly Ellie ran up to her mother, moving to wrap her arms around her. But as her hands moved to make contact they only phased through her mother’s body. At that moment Ellie knew something was wrong and her little lip seemed to quiver, why couldn’t her parents see her? Why was she suddenly all alone? Had she done something wrong to deserve this? Was it because she had disobeyed her parents? Maybe the man in the clouds her mother had spoken of had punished her? Had God left her to be alone?

File:469647-sunako in casket super.jpg
Ellie let out another cry this time screaming her parents’ names. But still they couldn’t hear her. It was true, God had abandoned her… her parents had abandoned her. For several years Ellie lingered in that mansion, hoping and praying that if she was a good little girl that she could see her parents again, but as time passed, her parents moved away and the environment around her changed. But worst of all Ellie couldn’t seem to leave. For some reason she was linked to that dark well and could only travel so far from it before the strange chain stopped her in her tracks. But Ellie didn’t want to be alone anymore and as the years passed she grew more miserable and distressed. She wanted to be free from the chains that kept her from leaving. And soon that sadness became anger; all she could do was claw at the chain hoping that she could escape the endless torture of the empty landscape. It was many a hundred years later that finally the chain budged. But a darkness seemed to consume little Ellie. She didn’t remember her past life, all she knew was that she was alone, empty. She needed something to fill that void.


Soon all Ellie could do was find other lost souls like her and consume them to fill the emptiness inside her. She didn’t want to hurt them but she knew that she had to do it to survive. She had to do it so she could feel better. But it wasn’t her fault; they had to know it wasn’t her fault. After many years of this Ellie met another like her, one that felt the same. With him she traveled to Hueco Mundo and learned that she could feed all she wanted there, that the dark land she could explore and that maybe someday she would find a real friend. The stranger gave her a name, Sadako… because Hueco Mundo was a new life for her thus she needed to have a new identity. But the strange Hollow didn’t stick around long and Sadako was left alone to wonder the dark world, consuming weaker beings to make herself feel better inside.

Finding a Family

While wondering the vast emptiness of Hueco Mundo, Sadako met a man by the name of Alvaro; it didn’t take long for the two of them to connect. Alvaro became the key to Sadako’s happiness, it was he who seemed to be able to fill the void that consumed little Sadako’s soul. Alvaro gave Sadako the comfort of a home and a family. She was given her own floor in Alvaro’s tower that she was allowed to decorate to her liking. For the first few weeks, Sadako merely wondered Alvaro’s tower aimlessly, doing her best to become acquainted with its occupants. One in particular was a little Arrancar named Cade, who became one of her closest friends. She met him while sitting in her window eating ice cream and it was he who she formed a warm affection to.

It wasn’t long before Sadako met most of Alvaro’s family; she was there to meet Felix when Alvaro returned after rescuing him. Sadako also befriending Laxus, a man who at first had destroyed her promotional candy stand. When he realized the error of his ways he apologized and helped with the rebuilding, sadly, Sadako didn’t earn the Espada position, but it was no biggy. It wasn’t too hard for little Sadako to find things to do in Alvaro’s tower. Particularly, Cade and Sadako managed to entertain themselves by getting into mischief. One of their many mischievous games was the Eternal Tag, it was during this time that Sadako was to meet with Ben and escort him through Las Noches. But playing Eternal Tag proved to be more fun than submitted to her responsibilities.

File:Evil Sadako.png
As the months passed and she became more and more comfortable Sadako found that her presence in Alvaro’s tower was seemingly meaningless. She wanted more out of life and to be able to contribute in her own way. She and Neives found a solution and together they created a Medical Clinic for the injured. From that point on Sadako spent most of her time in the clinic, doing whatever she could to help people.  For a while Sadako went unnoticed, simply being a supporting family member in Alvaro’s castle. But things for Sadako took a massive turn when she began to lose pieces of her sanity. The emptiness that had haunted Sadako for so long had found its way back into her life. She was finally faced with the choice of facing the monster inside or running away and never looking back. Losing control of her child like persona was the changing point in Sadako’s life. The emotional battle that she fought within herself had finally reached the breaking point. In the end Sadako chose to embrace her true self and from then on her personality changed and it was because of this that Sadako was finally able to grow up, no longer being stuck in the child like form for eternity.

Three Year Time Skip

During the three years that followed Sadako became heavily invested in books and research. She took an interest in the dark arts believing that the magical mysterious of the world of the living somehow connected to the way Shinigami and Arrancar gained their abilities. In her studies she learned to channel magical energies though the use of rituals and spells and with that knowledge began creating her own teachings. Alvaro was kind enough to bestow upon Sadako the gift of having an entire floor dedicated to becoming a library. It wasn’t long before that library became rich with knowledge of not just magic but culture and history. Sadako created a unique spell called the Spell of Detachment which allowed her to gain better control of her emotions so that another episode like what had happen before would never happen again. She did this by abandoning her childish emotions and sealing them in a physical form, a fox which she named Nene. Sadako’s childlike form, no longer restricted was able to age and Sadako finally blossomed into a beautiful young adult, an age that matched her changing personality. Sadako underwent numerous emotional changes that she controlled through meditation.

File:Tumblr mj9atcc1LW1qcivn2o1 500 zps6846b6fa.jpg
Sadako interest in black magic brought her to a spell that she believed would be strong enough to protect all of Las Noches from future invasions. She studied and prepared the spell for quite some time it was only a year later that she decided that it was time for her to make use of it. Sadako now seeks to safeguard the existence of her family by whatever means possible. Her relationship with Cade has grown since first meeting him; he is now someone very special to Sadako. She isn’t exactly sure about how she feels for him, but she knows that he is important. The relationship has definitely gone beyond mere friendship, but as of now he is simply a love interest. The two of them nearly kissed during Lluvia’s tower party and since then things have been rather quiet between them.  Sadako has been too  busy with her new found position, doing what she can to help secure the safety of her people, to seek out what her feelings mean.

File:Sallya's confession.jpg
Like Cade, Sadako's relationship with Laxus has become something special; he is actually the first person she has expressed her feelings for. Her relationship with Laxus only continues to become intense with each passing day and she finds herself craving his presence more and more. She doesn’t entirely understand her feelings but she finds it much easier to express them to Laxus while Cade is much more difficult because of the difficulty she has with taking him seriously. Sadako believes that she may in fact be in love with Laxus and hasn’t even tried denying it in her mind. She would gladly give her life to protect Laxus and his goals and has complete faith and trust in him. Specifically, Sadako's relationship with Laxus has peaked with her curiosity in helping him create a pure soul from scratch. After discovering ancient secrets about the Hell dimension within the Key of Dimensions she has found a common goal with Laxus and this has only proven to increase the bound they share.

Hell Arc



Core Inventory:

Combat ExperienceEdit

In her younger years Sadako was very anti-confrontational she never seemed to need to fight and normally got along well with the people she encountered, when she did run into trouble she normally had more experienced fighters there to protect her. As time progressed though Sadako became grew more experienced in the supportive role, she mainly shined in her healing abilities using them to help her wounded allies from the safety of Las Noches. She had very few instances in which physical fighting was required and in those few instances she normally kept at a distance firing off unrefined but powerful Cero’s. There were several instances in which Sadako lost control of her child-like persona and went on a rampage and it was at these times that her combat experience increased. She discovered a great number of her abilities during these instances but never fully delved into the full potential of her abilities until later. It was only after Sadako shredded the remnants of her child-like persona that she finally began to understand the importance of having experience in the field. Along with her studies of witchcraft she also began mild amounts of physical training on her spare time learning how to completely transform into her Resurrección; it was during these times that she managed to at least learn how to carry herself on the battlefield and maintain her distance for her long ranged fighting style. During her fight with the abnormal Vasto Lorde, Sadako gained a massive amount of experience which allowed her to better understand teamwork mechanics in large scale battle. She wasn’t an expert, but she was well on her way to being somewhat of a decent support.

After the battle finished, Sadako found her physical training to be much more important and set its priority much higher. She began to master her magical affinity and utilize it alongside her racial abilities it was only through intense meditation that she discovered her ability to transcend her Resurrección into a more controlled state. She began to study her ability to control the life force within other living things increased the effectiveness of her “Realm of Decay/Realm of Growth” ability. In her battle with Shin she learned of her ability to bend and manipulate her own physical life-force using it to shield herself and allies as well as discovering the drawbacks that came with it. As a counter measure for the destructive quality of the ability she began studying ways to replenish her life-force through out of combat intense meditation. Her battle with Shin has only recently amplified her eagerness to become more experienced on the field and because of this she has taken to more advanced forms of training.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Sadako releases her Cero from her little finger (Pinky) her Cero is black and when used fires off a powerful blast of energy in a line for several seconds. Sadako's Cero is concentrated into a fine point lowering accuracy and area of effect but increasing impact damage and power. Her Cero is like a lazor and can be used to slice through things with ease. Sadako can move her hand while the Cero is being fired to move the lazor across a location. Her Cero is not the type of Cero that can be taken head on, its better to try and dodge as the concentrated lazor can easily penetrate through things. Targets hit take damage feel physically drained. While in Res she releases this ability from her staff.
  • Gran Rey Cero:
    Sadako Grand Rey Cero is released in a different manor then most, while in Res she is able to release a powerful energy from her core that erupts outward in all directions, like a small bomb enveloping the surrounding area. She almost looks like she is exploding like a nebula; however her body is completely safe from the release of energy. The bomb is jet black in appearance, looking like a sphere of darkness during the day. Enemies within the blast radius are heavily damaged while also being heavily exhausted. This ability takes a great deal of energy to use. While in Res she releases thsi ability from her staff.
File:Dark Energy Ball.jpg
After achieving Resurrección. Sadako gains the ability to use Bala releasing the attack from the palm of her hand several black orbs are fired at her target in quick succession. The black orbs leave a static field behind in the blast raidus. The static energy appears black and will continue to damage and weaken anything in the radius for several seconds. The exhaustion from the static field is overwelming causing anything within the radius to lose their balance and feel physically drained. While in Res she releases this ability from her staff.

Decorrer: Sadako has the ability to open a portal.

Sonido: Sadako can quickly move around with this move.

Pesquisa: The practitioner sends out a radiating pulse which reacts to sources of Reiatsu within a certain proximity, allowing the practitioner to determine the location of any sensed individuals and gauge how powerful they actually are. Sadako can use this while in Res.

Hierro: The user's Reiryoku condenses, creating a steel-hard skin strong enough to block a Zanpakutō. This allows users to confront some of the sword-wielding Shinigami barehanded.

Reiatsu Concealing: Sadako has mastered the art of concealing her reiatsu completely allowing her to spy or even hide with no problem.

Hypnotherapy: Sadako has the ability to access memories from her previous lifes through a meditation ritual she discovered that involves hypnosis.

Advanced Energy Channeling: Sadako has the ability to channel different energies through her body; she only continues to advance in the channeling of energy through the studies in her books. Sadako specifically has the ability to channel immense amounts of Reiatsu through her using this acquired ability to perform rituals and spells.

Clairvoyance: Sadako has the ability to attain information about an object, person, location or physical event through means other than the known senses. This ability is possible by tapping into a universal information network that is part of a system that controls the universe in general there are universal laws that govern how this information is accessed, Sadako sadly has no control over this ability, it happens randomly of its own accord normally in the form of a vision. Sadako has displayed this power once; having a vision of her own demise at the hand of a shadowy figure. Normally the visions are unclear and only provide a glimpse of the overall picture.

Knowledge (Book Smart):
Sadako is very intelligent, and knowledge is power on the battlefield, making this trait a key ability. Sadako’s knowledge is quite extensive and has much to do with her research from books. She has knowledge about history, science, art, music etc. Whatever she can get her hands on; Sadako will never shy away from reading a book and expanding her knowledge. She has deep respect for other scientists and researchers and is willing to learn new things from them. Her key focus in the world of science is witchcraft which in the world of the living is a word that is used to describe the channeling and manipulation of Reiatsu. She has taken heavy interest in learning about spiritually aware humans and how in the past they were able to do some amazing things. She has taken to their research, collecting Grimoire’s from ancient history and deciphering the spells and rituals within the ancient text and connecting them to more traditional ways of Reiatsu manipulation. Despite the Dark Arts being her main area of expertise she is intelligent enough to keep up with other fields of research.

Witchcraft: Growing up Sadako found an interest in the occult while spending so much time in the library. She studies mysticism extensively and her knowledge of the occult only continues to grow. With the knowledge she has of the Dark Arts she is able to do preform different spells and rituals, however they are much more effective in the world of the living, she is still learned to strengthen their effectiveness in alternate realms. Sadako practices traditional witchcraft, she can best be described as a scientist, she doesn’t have magical powers hidden inside her, she just knows how to channel natural energies using rituals and spells. For people confused about how witchcraft fits its best to just view her as any other scientist in Bleach, like scientist she creates potions and formulas, she just uses different methods, instead of designing machines she designs rituals and spells that channel different elements of nature. Sadako carries The Key of Oracles, a spell book she discovered while researching in the world of the living.


Crimson Crescent (Shinku no Shingetsut):

Sadako’s Zanpakutō is different than the average. In its sealed form it resembles a small dagger that is connected to a necklace in such a way that it’s almost unrecognizable, it somewhat resembles a crescent. Sadako rarely uses this weapon to actually fight with; instead she fuses with it during Resurrección, the dagger giving her access to new abilities and strength. Sadako often uses this dagger during rituals that require blood or sacrifice she also uses it for rituals that require a peice of her, using the Zanpakutō as a instrument to channel her own energies. As a child she never used the dagger in battle, however, now Sadako will resort to using the dagger if the situation calls for.

(As a Child/Partial) Resurrección:


In Resurrección form, Sadako changes form from a creepy, mysterious looking girl to that of a delicate angelic imp. Her normally dark purple hair brightens and her bangs part, her hair coming together in a more fluid way. Her usual black eyes fade away to reveal bright purple pupils with a much brighter look. She no longer retains her clothing instead having a bare imp-like humanoid body that is void of any genitalia she also grows a long impish tail with an arrow shape at its tip. Her nails sharpen and her overall body brightens up a bit but is covered in several tribal-like tattoos. Her ears become pointer resembling that of an elf’s. In this form Sadako's hollow hole is no longer visable as it is to reflect that her heart has returned to her. Although the hole is still there. This form was a partial-sloppy transformation of her true Resurrección.

(Complete) Resurrección:

File:Il 340x270 429074939 qg3q.jpg
During the three year time skip, Sadako mastered her Resurrección allowing her to fully transform into her true form. Changing from a young adult female into a black spirit fox with a white hollow like mask and long antlers that extend from the mask itself. She has 6 tails, however she is able to conceal all but one. The body of the black fox has several long white whiskers that extend behind her flowing in the wind when she runs. She is able to run through mid air as if she were on solid ground and also has increased speed and agility as well as scent, hearing and vision.  In this form she communicates with people telepathically by speaking into the persons mind. She cannot however hear the thoughts of others.

(Transcended) Resurrección [Current]:

Intense meditation has allowed Sadako to transcend the physical limits of her original Resurrección. She is no longer hindered by her fox like body instead the changes only affecting the clothing she wears. Her Zanpakutō is removed from its necklace sheath and held out in front of her, after saying her release command she merges with the blade gaining a shadow-like cloak that surrounds her body and replaces her whatever clothing she is wearing, the cloak has a hood that covers her head and hides her eyes in a shadow, only revealing the bottom half of her face. The necklace part of her Zanpakutō or better known as the sheath acts as a holding piece; holding the entire cloak together while the Zanpakutō dagger is transformed into a large staff which she uses in combat. While in this form her “Forsaken Demon Hair” ability becomes “The Forsaken Cloak” and becomes the new foundations for how the ability works. Like her origional Resurrección, she gains increased speed and agility as well as scent, hearing and vision, she also has the ability to communicate with people telepathically, however she cannot hear the thoughts of others.

Release command: "Kokoro o Han'ei" (Reflect My Heart)

Forsaken Demon Hair/The Forsaken Cloak (Base)Edit

Name Forsaken Demon Hair/ The Forsaken Cloak
Type Utility/Crowd Control
Cost Mild
Stat Sei, Rei
Range Close to Long
File:Hair Restrain.png

With this ability, Sadako is able to freely manipulate the hair on her head by manipulating the three phases of hair growth: anagen, catagen, and telogen. She is able to speed up the growth process using Reiatsu to energize and amplify the proteins needed to create hair; this also allows her to alter the resilience of her hair as well. She can grow her hair out to whatever length she desires effectively having complete control of every single strand, her hair is normally manipulated in sections, having the appearance of tentacles. The density of her hair is determined by her Sei level, allowing for her to pierce through defenses or even form a wall of hair to defend with; she can even clash with Zanpakutō. This ability requires a moderate release of Reiatsu to maintain, meaning the more Reiatsu she has the longer she can continue to influence her hair. She mainly uses this move to immobile her targets by tangling them in her hair so that she can maintain her distance. Sadako is a ranged fighter thus her hair is the middle ground between her and her opponents in other words its her first line of defense to keep enemies off her. She will continue to keep her distance and hold her opponents at bay while she supports her allies or fires off powerful Cero’s.

If Sadako manages to catch a target with her hair, she can wrap the strands around their body like tentacles, using the hair to effectively immobilize them and buy herself and her ally’s time. Sadako can snare multiple targets at once, however they can only be held for a single turn and she would have to wait a whole turn before attempting to catch them again.  Enemies can also slice through her hair with a Han (Physical Attack), Sei (Spiritual Attack) or Buk (Weapon based attack) stat higher than her Sei by 1 or more effectively escaping the stun if this is done. While in Resurrección Sadako manipulates her Forsaken Cloak in the same way she would manipulate her hair, growing out the fabrics and using them to attack and attempt to bind her target within the dark sheets. Instead of looking like tentacles the cloak is divided up into several long fabric sections that can grow to whatever shape or length.  

Soul Martyr (Base) Edit

Name Soul Martyr
Type Defensive
Cost Soul Bar
Stat Rei


This is an extremely powerful ability that Sadako created with knowledge of the dark arts and Reiatsu control. By utilizing her soul, Sadako is able to achieve amazing shielding feats. Sadako projects a piece of her spirit to form an impenetrable barrier around herself an ally or a location. The shield will protect from a single ability either spiritual or physical regardless of the ability's power level as long as Sadako has the energy in her 'Soul Bar' to use it, if she were to overuse this ability and use it to protect from an ability she doesn't have the energy to deal with, she would die. The shield can be any size and has a shadowy appearance; anything within the shield would appear to have its colors negatively reversed for people on the outside. The extreme drawbacks make this ability very risky to use. Sadako has a Soul Bar that determines how much energy her spirit has. The points of the bar are slowly dropped depending on the ability Sadako's defending against and can only be regenerated outside of combat. If ever Sadako fell to 0 her soul would be destroyed and would never be reincarnated in the soul cycle- coincidently removing her from existance. The amount lost from her Soul Bar is determined by the stat of whatever ability is being used against the shield compared with Sadako’s Reiatsu. The ability has a 2 turn Cooldown and the Soul Bar requires out of combat meditation to recharge.

Mantra: "Descende Spíritus" (Descend Spirit)

Shielding Chart: At the beginning of a fight the Soul Bar is 100 points as it drops Sadako becomes weaker. The amount dropped from her Soul Bar is always exact, this is explained in the example.)

[Hak for Physical attack, Sei for Spiritual attack.]

Shielding Chart
Lower then her Rei (12 or more): -0 points
Lower then her Rei (10-11): -5 points
Lower then her Rei (5-6): -10 points
Lower then her Rei (3-4): -15 points
Lower then her Rei (1-2): -20 points
Equal with her Rei (0): -25 points
Higher then her Rei (1-2): -30 points
Higher then her Rei (3-4): -35 points
Higher then her Rei (5-6): -40 points
Higher then her Rei (10-11): -45 points
Higher then her Rei (12 or more): -50 points

Example (Ability Explanation): Assuming she has 100 points in her bar and she uses 50 of them then she would have 50 points left in her bar. If she uses 25 points because someone has equal Hak or Sei (depending on ability type) with her Rei then she would have 75 points left. If she only had 50 points left in her Soul Bar and she needed to use 25 of them to shield against an ability then she would have 25 left in her Soul Bar after its use. If she had 25 points in her Soul Bar and she needed 50 points to shield against an ability then she would die if she tried and be unable to protect against the ability. It's simple subtraction.

Realm of Decay/Realm of Growth (Res)Edit

Name Realm of Decay/Realm of Growth
Type [Aura] Offensive/Defensive
Cost Medium
Stat Sei, Rei
Range Mid to Long
Sadako curses a location decaying anything within the radius (5m radius) of the ability. Realm of Decay is a powerful weakening move, people that are affected by the move won’t sustain actual damage, only feel physically drained, though objects and other living things, plants and animals will slowly decay away. This ability has a passive effect on things around her causing flowers to die if she gets too close to them or the ground at her feet to decay. This move is more damaging the longer the targets are exposed to the cursed location, additionally a target could simply step outside the affected area to escape the move. If a target is exposed to the cursed location for an extended amount of time they may even lose their will to fight. Sadako can concentrate the ability so that it effects a smaller area and increases the damage.

Mantra: "Circumdederunt Ergo" (Let Death Surround)

Radius Chart:

5 Mile Radius Heavy exhaustion
1 Mile Radius Slow decay and damage

(Reverse Form)Edit

Sadako blesses a location causing the area within the radius of the (5m Radius) ability to flourish with growth. Allies within the radius receive an increase in physical energy, feeling empowered and fresh even small wounds and scraps will heal. This ability has a passive effect on things around her causing flowers to blossom or grass to grow beneath her feet. This move has an increased effect the longer her allies stand within the area slowly healing them in minor ways, additionally if an ally steps out of the area they will no longer be affected. Sadako can concentrate the ability so that it effects a smaller area and increases the healing potential.

Mantra: "Et Vitam Circumdabit" (Let Life Surround)

Radius Chart:

5 Mile Radius  Increased physical and spiritual energy, minor healing: surface wounds and bruises etc.
1 mile Radius Increased physical energy & spiritual energy, medium healing: deep wounds and gashes as well as disease etc.

Six Flames of the Spirit Fox (Res)Edit

Name Six Flames of the Spirit Fox
Type Offensive
Cost Heavy
Stat Sei
Range Close to Long
Sadako creates six blue flames that surround the end of her staff, she can freely manipulate these flames using them to blast her targets back by launching them at high speeds. The spirit flames are not projectile abilities and are controlled by Sadako at all times. Meaning she can alter the course of their movement while launching them at people. Each spirit flame does medium damage and can leave targets burned. Keep in mind that a concentrated blast does massive damage, meaning the more spirit flames to hit a target the more damage to that target. This ability has a 6 turn Cooldown since it requires a lot of energy to use and has the potential to do devastating amounts of damage if concentrated on a single target. The spirit flames disappear upon contact with an enemy and will knock the enemy back 1000 feet, meaning if all 6 hit one target the knock back will be a little over a mile long (5280 feet). Can only be used in Res form.

Aspect of the Eternal Phoenix (Res) [Locked]Edit

Name Aspect of the Eternal Phoenix
Type Defensive
Cost Heavy(Initial cost)+more (costs more depending on damage absorbed)
Stat Sei
Range Close/Long
 While in Res, Sadako bursts into white static-like energy shaping herself into the form of a light phoenix. While in this form, Sadako is able to sore through the air wrapping her energy wings around her allies; shielding them as well as healing them with her own spiritual energy. When she surrounds an ally she wraps her wings around them before merging together to form a white-energy based barrier/sphere that heals and protects (absorbs damage) anything she surrounds for a single turn. Allies will have heavy amounts of damaged healed while at the same time having their Reiatsu slightly replenished. This ability requires a massive amount of Sadako’s energy to use; making it so that it can only be used a few times during a fight, Sadako also absorbs a large amount of the damage she heals transferring the wounds onto her own body but not all of them. During the turn this ability is used, Sadako is immune to damage; attacks will be absorbed into her energy-like form unless of course they are able to penetrate her. The shield (Sadako's energy-like form surrounding an ally in the form of a shield) can be penetrated only by having a Sei (for Spiritual Attack), Hak (for Physical Attack) or Buk (for Weapon based Attack) stat higher than Sadako’s Sei by 2 or more if the attack is heavy costing, if it is medium or low then it would need to be 4 or more, if she is penetrated; Sadako will sustain damage despite her immunity and her allies within the shield will be susceptible to the damage as well. When the ability finishes, Sadako returns to her original form and will be heavily exhausted from the ability. This ability can only be used a few times during a fight and lasts a single turn. The more damage she healed and absorbed during the turn this ability is used the more exhausted she will be when it finishes; but either way though the initial cost is heavy to activate, any other costs are added on to the heavy cost. This is by far, Sadako's most powerful ability. 4 Turn Cooldown.

Mantra: "Ascendite Ex Vita Avium" (Ascend Bird Of Life)

(Out of Combat)Edit
Sadako can use "Aspect of the Eternal Phoenix" outside of combat to heal massive amounts of damage by channeling the power through her hands. When she uses this ability her hands begin to glow with the same white static-like energy used in the combat portion of the ability, she then touches the location she is attempting to heal. She can heal internal damage including damaged organs as well as regenerating missing limbs by restoring cell growth to the dead stump. She can also use the power to extract poisons from the blood stream. Even though she can use this outside of combat, it still requires a massive amount of her energy to use depending on the wound she is attempting to heal.

Psychic Aura (Res) [Locked]Edit

Name Psychic Aura
Type [Aura] Defensive
Cost Medium/Heavy
Stat Sei, Rei
Range Close, Long
File:Ayako to aru majutsu no index ii - 04 h264 1280x720e2e51a3d-mkv snapshot 18-30 2010-10-31 12-52-12.jpg
While in Res, Sadako has a passive psychic aura that surrounds her. By activating the passive she gains control of the psychic aura and can concentrate it into one of two shields. This is a shielding ability that can either be used to block physical attacks or spiritual attacks, but it can only be used in one way at a time. While in Res the aura is visible around Sadako’s body at all times unless it’s being concentrated on an ally. It has a bright blue energy like appearance, almost resembling an aurora borealis. The energy swirls around her body with a seemingly gas-like texture and movement and when focused one can see a sudden change as it is focused into either a barrier or a sigil shaped wall. First Active:
Sadako can activate the passive at any time becoming mentally aware of it and gaining control of the psychic energy itself. She forms the aura into a bright blue barrier that surrounds her body protecting her from physical attacks and physical projectiles. This active lasts for 3 turns however the barrier is stronger on the second turn. The barrier doesn’t protect against spiritual attacks they will simply pass through. Sadako can also infuse an ally with the psychic aura, creating a barrier around them rather than herself, if this is done the barrier's weaknesses are still calculated with Sadako’s Sei. After the ability is finished it goes on Cooldown for 3 turns. Medium costing to activate.

Mantra: "Fidicinas." (Repel)

'Weakness Chart:' (To break the psychic barrier.)

1st Turn Enemy must have Hak equal to Sadako's Sei or more.
2nd Turn Enemy must have Hak higher than Sadako's Sei by 1 or more.
3rd Turn Enemy must have Hak equal to Sadako's Sei or more.
Second Active:
Sadako can activate the passive at any time, she concentrates the psychic aura into a wall resembling a magic sigil placing it in front of her an ally or a location. The wall will maintain itself indefinitely as long as Sadako has the energy to maintain it. A target must have Sei higher than Sadako’s Sei by 4 to break the wall. Keep in mind that the although the wall is extremely powerful it only protects from one angle/direction, meaning with proper positioning an enemy could just attack from a different angle ignoring the wall entirely. The wall only protects from spiritual attacks, physical attacks simply pass through. It’s basically an obstacle that is used to block ranged spiritual attacks from a single angle. This active has a 2 turn Cooldown starting after the wall has been destroyed. Heavy costing to activate, Mild costing to maintain. Keep in mind that this wall can be maintained at great distances, using it to block off an entrance or protect something, it can even be used to prevent someone from opening a lock by placing the wall inside the lock like a binding.

Mantra: "Cogita." (Reflect)


Stat Order: Sei, Rei, Hoho, Buk, Han, Hak

HAN 10
REI 16 (+2)
SEI 16 (+2)
BUK 10 (+2)
HOH 16 (+2)
Base points 46
Earned 33 (Master Log)
Points spent on abilities 2
Total 79


  • If it isn't obvious to those that have seen Shiki. Sadako was heavily based off Sunako. Personality, Theme and Appearance wise. I just love the character so much that I thought I'd honor her here. (Not as true as it used to be)
  • Sadako's older form is based off Tharja from Fire Emblem.
  • Sadako's theme is Wasuremono no Mori by Ando Yuko.
  • Sadako's second theme is Kimi Ni Mune Kyun by Yuko Ando.
  • Sadako's third theme is The Things I Do Slowly by Iu.
  • Sadako's passive RP theme; Upon making appearances in threads or for important character development situations: The Devil's Grasp
  • Sadako's theme for when Rok takes over, Dark Night.


  • "Completely alone... is this what it means to be Forsaken by God?" -Sadako (Child)
  • “I thought I was protecting my brothers and sisters...I thought that if I helped them destroy you that the others would be protected... but I realize now how wrong I was” Sadako talking to Alvaro.
  • "You may be forsaken... but we are forsaken together... I understand you... and I feel love for you Laxus." -Sadako expressing her feelings for Laxus.
  • “You must have an understanding of duty… if this is true then I hope you can forgive me…” -Sadako talking to Shin during their fight in the world of the living after he keeps her from capturing her test subject.
  • "The Hell dimension is the key to saving my people..." -Sadako
  • “I’m afraid we are under increases security at the moment… but it doesn’t mean you aren’t welcome here. We must be ever vigilant… we can’t just let anyone come and go… but if you seek family and shelter… then I will not deny you that,” Sadako talking to Roaraku Inilliogu upon finding him wondering outside Las Noches.

Artwork (FC)Edit


Alvaro Lobo: He is best described as Sadako's father-figure or mentor; he was the first person to accept her in Las Noches and took her as one of his own. Sadako trusts Alvaro with her life and would do anything for the man. In her younger years Sadako was more accepting of all of Alvaro’s decisions but with age she has recently begun to stray from his influence and is beginning to form her own ideas and opinions, she still however heavily respects Alvaro’s choices even if she doesn’t always agree on them.  

Cade: He is Sadako’s best friend and she has a special place in her heart for him. In her younger years her and Cade did everything together, most importantly getting themselves into trouble. But as she grew older the two of them grew apart, it was only when Cade returned from his training that their relationship rekindled and they grew even closer than they were before. Sadako has begun to feel strange feelings for Cade that she doesn’t quite fully understand, but it seems that whenever she starts to scratch the surface of these new feelings she pulls away finding it hard to take Cade seriously as her maturity level has exceeded his. Despite everything she loves Cade and he will always be one of her closest friends.

Anya Braginski: This lady is one of Sadako’s close friends, during the three year time skip her and Anya became extremely close friends, this was while Cade was away during training. Sadako considers Anya one of the few people she can open up to while also having a good understanding of Anya’s feelings as well.

Laxus Alosar: Laxus has always been an interesting case in Sadako’s life, in the beginning Sadako wasn’t sure of him despite how he treated her upon first meeting her she still found him interesting and accepted him as a friend. It wasn’t until Sadako grew up that she began to see something in Laxus that drew her in. Like Cade, Laxus has an important place in Sadako’s heart, in fact he is the only one she has every openly expressed her feelings for. Sadako believes that she may truly be in love with Laxus. Sadako would do anything to protect Laxus, even sacrifice her own life and she would trust him with hers. Her feelings for him only continue to deepen with each passing day. Sadako sees the beauty in Laxus and accepts everything that makes him who he is.

Neives Vasquez: Sadako and Neives spent a great deal of time together before the three year time skip. They were close friends and did a lot of things together, one of them being the creation of the Cute Clinic. When Neives disappeared, Sadako swore that she would find out what happen to her friend.  

Tyler J. Blanchet: Tyler is the first man Sadako has ever experienced sexual urges for, as of now he is simply a friend.

Nefrios Drascoro: He is Sadako's only Fraccion and one of the few people she will confide her secrets with. She has provided him with shelter and purpose under her care in exchange for his loyality. She cares for his well-being and also understands that he has potential and hopes to provide him with direction.

Thread ActivityEdit

Three Year Time Skip

  • Beach time BBQ - Sadako goes to the beach with Shener for some beach time fun! [Filler]
  • Fun with Anya-Random fun. [Filler]
  • The Forgotten King - Sadako meets Andere and is introduced to a different side of Alvaro.
  • Seeking Truth- Sadako takes Andere back to Las Noches to find out the truth about Alvaro.
  • Returning to the tower- Cade returns as an Arrancar and Sadako is there to greet him.
  • Sadako's Ritual of Protection Begins! -Sadako uses the black arts to create a protective barrier around Alvaro's castle with the help of four others. They succeed in the end but also manage to summon two mysterious spawns of Alvaro due to a small defect in the sigil.
  • Party Time- Sadako attends a party.
  • Philadelphia here I come - Sadako meets with Yuu to discuss things just before heading out to see Alvaro about her promotion.
  • Silent Celebrations - Sadako is mugged but is saved by Ryuuhei the two have a small discussion about Sadako's interest in the Black Arts.
  • Alvaro & Sadako Reunify - Sadako is promoted, during the meeting her and Alvaro have a heart to heart and Sadako realizes the error of her ways. She reveals to Alvaro, Yuu & Andere's plan to overthrow him.
  • Reminded Of Our Childhood - Sadako spends time with everyone in Alvaro's castle. (Canceled)
  • Deeper into depravity - Sadako meets up with Laxus and she reveals to him that she cares about his safety. Laxus asks Sadako to help him with his experiments and keep tabs on his outposts.
  • Day two, on to Las Noches -While checking up on Laxus's outposts, Sadako is attacked by a horde of hollows and is chaised by them eventually running into Mal and his stealth force. She ends up having to retreat during the interaction.
  • The Espada Meeting Begins! - Sadako hosts the Espada meeting to discuss her misguided ways as well as the possibility of war with the Reaper.
  • That's a lot of footprints -Sadako meets Nefrios an Arrancar who she offers shelter despite her unwillingness to completely trust him.
  • Dark Signs - Sadako has a dream that may or may not be connected with her future.
  • Bumping into Handsome -Sadako has her first sexual urges, she struggles to keep her cool around Tyler who seems to be the cause of her new feelings.
  • Experimenting on Spiritually Aware Humans - Sadako attempts to capture spiritually aware human in hopes of examining them for her ritual only to be stopped by Shin thus leading to a small conflict in which Sadako discovers her ability to bend her soul at will to shield herself.
  • Imminent Threat: Las Noches Under Attack- Naomi an alternate version of Hope sends her army of Hollows to attack Las Noches in an attempt to take it over, she fails and escapes with her comrades.
  • A World Of Wonders-Sadako finishes her tower hidden away in a pocket dimension within Alvaro's tower.
  • Winner's Circle Sadako meets with Laxus for the first time since the invasion of Relentless. The two discuss their worry for each other while also delving into a darker subject, The Dark Arts and the cycle of life/death and reincarnation.
  • Unlocking the Secrets of Hell- While researching in the human realm Sadako and her research team are able to recover the remains of ‘The Book of Dimensions’ located in an ancient temple in South Africa. After returning to Las Noches and examining the book Sadako discovers ancient secrets to the dimension known as hell secrets that could change everything for her people, she decides to offer this information to Laxus as she believes it could also be the key to unlocking answers about the cycle of life, death and reincarnation.
  • The Failed Ritual: Hell's Conduit Sadako attempts a ritual to aquire an object from hell as a anchor. The ritual fails and results in Sadako sustaining immense amounts of physical and spiritual damage. Alvaro and Cade find her.
  • An Important Piece to a Grand Design- Sadako, Tomoko and Laxus discuss their plans to use Tomoko's Reishi modifier technology in combination with Sadako’s magic to create the key that will open a gate to the Hell dimension. Tomoko expresses her concerns about Sadako’s use of magic while Laxus struggles with internal feelings for Sadako and his psychological battle with Tomoko.
  • Arrancar Meeting- Prelude to the Crusade -Sadako learns of the Gotei 13's declaration of war from Laxus.
  • Las Noches and Hueco Mundo... -Sadako finds a stranger outside of Las Noches.
  • Espada Meeting -Sadako reveals her and Laxus' plans to unleach the Hell dimension on Seireitei during this war.
  • The Hollow Army's Reign Expands: A Home Caught in the Crossfire -Sadako meets Mink who is desperate to get his brother Ichibei medicial attention after finding his weak body under a pile of rubble. Sadako offers him help and tells him about Naomi and her Relentless Rebellion.
  • Anya's Return - On her way to Alvaro's Tower to deal with the wreckage of the library, Sadako runs into Anya.
  • Sadako's Childhood Among the Wreckage -Sadako finds Nene's body amongst the wreckage from her failed ritual and engages in conversation with several of her allies.
  • The great war that never happened - Sadako confronts Azumi who is once again attempting to contact Alvaro for political reasons, Sadako loses her temper and expresses her distaste for the Reapers.
  • Searching for Answers -Sadako and Dr. Tomoko share findings about Hell and how to interact with it. Sadako has suspicions about Dr. Tomoko's intentions.
  • Hell's Gate 'Shall We Dance With Fate -Sadako, Laxus, Amara and Dr. Tomoko feed a sinner to the Hell Gate to summon it, in an attempt to aquire a piece of it for the end game. Sadako loses herself during the ritual and kills Amara to feed the Hell Gate. Laxus ends up saving her before she is sucked into the Hell Gate herself.
  • A Housequest - Sadako discovers that Jackie is either harboring or imprisoning a Reaper. She investigates but Jackie refuses to budge information. Sadako decides to leave it be and report what she has discovered to Alvaro.
  • Reporting To Alvaro -Sadako reports what she discovered about Jackie to Alvaro. After, Sadako and Alvaro investigate Jackie's tower, they discover that he has Lorcian captive and Sadako learns of Lorcian's usefulness in the Hell Plot. 
  • Dark Insights -Sadako finds out about Laxus' affliction and has to make a difficult choice in choosing her sanity or her lover. She chooses Laxus and the two exchange an intimate moment. 
  • The Rogue, The Knight and The Mage -Sadako spars with Alvaro for training. 
  • A new poem, but there were a few missing words...- Sadako meets a poet in the Under City while searching for the ingrediants for the ritual to save Laxus.
  • Something Dark Awakens -

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