Detective Kaldwell
"Who's the bitch now?"
Full Name Katrina Olivia Kaldwell
Aliases/Nickname Trina
Gender Female
Birthday April
Age 36
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Body Type Athletic
Blood Type A+
Sister Alice Kaldwell
Other Marcella Green [niece]

Hank Green [ex brother-in-law]

Play By Mariska Hargitay

"Stand By Your Man sounds much better when Tammy Wynette sings it."


Katrina is taller then average with an athletic body that's usually concealed by serviceable clothing. She has brown hair with natural highlights and a pair of pretty brown eyes - her most prominent feature. She doesn't consider herself unfeminine, but she knows she's not nearly as killer as her older sister. She doesn't really mind though, life wasn't about her looks, it was about her job.


Black slacks, black shirts, black shoes, black jacket... when she wasn't wearing that it was jeans and a colored shirt. If she was going out though, she didn't much mind putting on a dress and some makeup.


  • Glock 19
  • SIG-Sauer P228


While a dedicated officer, Katrina is more likely to go to bat for women she deals with during cases than men, and has shown skepticism during cases where women are the offenders and men are the victim, or allows her sympathy of the victim to cloud her judgment and make her commit actions without thinking. Some would say it was a bad thing, but other's say it shows her personality in a way that nothing else could.

Trina Kaldwell has never been called disloyal, actually at times she could be considered to loyal. Her moral compass points pretty much straight, though she has been known to veer slightly off course if it's her loved ones. She doesn't mind getting her hands dirty either, and has been taken into the hospital several times for busted knuckles, black eyes, and bloody lips.

She's a fighter, and she and everyone else knows it. She doesn't mind the insults that come with being less feminine, she takes it as a compliment. All it does is prove she can handle herself, even if other's don't see it that way.


  • Katrina speaks some Spanish, Italian, Russian, and French and is able to read the Miranda rights in two or three other languages.
  • She is a recreational mountain climber, and climbed on her own time whenever possible.
  • She was a cop for many years which means she's pretty deadly with a firearm.




Relations: She hasn't seen her sister in years, nor her niece or brother-in-law. As far as she knows, they're all dead or... she doesn't know. She doesn't have a husband, kids, or even a boyfriend.


  • Katrina's play-by - more specifically then Mariska Hargitay - is Olivia Benson from Law & Order SVU


Character DevelopmentEdit


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