Infobox Bleach
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Professional Status
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Previous Position {{{previous position}}}
Division {{{division}}}
Previous Division {{{previous division}}}
Partner {{{partner}}}
Previous Partner {{{previous partner}}}
Espada {{{Espada}}}
Aspect of Death {{{Aspect of Death}}}
Base of Operations {{{base of operations}}}
Release Command {{{release command}}}
Shikai {{{shikai}}}
Bankai {{{bankai}}}
Resurreccíon {{{res}}}
Sealed Weapon {{{sealed weapon}}}
Tsuba shape {{{tsuba}}}
Fullbring {{{fullbring}}}
Hankou {{{hankou}}}
Reiryoku {{{reiryoku}}}
Hakuda {{{hakuda}}}
Seijuu {{{seijuu}}}
Bukijuu {{{bukijuu}}}
Hoho {{{hoho}}}

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