“Thriving. That's fighting... Surviving is barely getting by.”


Walking Dead Roleplay

The venue is about a month after the infection drove the world into chaos. Many groups are still being led towards "safe areas" by the military, but many others have decided that they can go off alone with a better chance of survival.

The majority of the "dead things" are centered in cities where there is still food because people continue stupidly thinking they can get supplies in cities. You also have things like electricity and even some stations but most of it is warnings from various places prompting people to stay indoors and even the automatic stations are starting to shut down.

At most there are usually five to ten of the "dead things" grouped together unless in town or major area such as a store. There is still gas to be found, the ammo is being grabbed up but isn't yet to hard to find, nor is the food scarce.

The information that is known is pretty much basics... noise attracts them, they're rather hard to kill, they will kill you. If you're one of those that have been up close and personal, you may know that there bite is usually toxic, as is their blood. You may also know about the head shot rule or you may not, depending on what you've been doing for the last month. There are various other things you may have "learned" that are not yet general knowledge. Keep this in mind when you are RPing your character...

Life from Inside the RPEdit

September of '09

Infection began spreading to the general populace some time in July of '09, panicking the community. At first road blocks and military outposts were set up, keeping the infection relatively contained until it started slipping through.

By August '09 people were starting to panic, more people were dying daily and the things were getting into the general public. The living were looting and stealing to get what they needed before hunkering down in their houses for safety.

By September of '09, people had realized that their houses weren't safe enough. They either headed for the safety of a military outpost, protected by the men leading them... they found their own way, stealing as many supplies as possible and heading for "safety"... or they decided that they could do whatever they want. Life stopped being about laws and has become more about who is stronger and who is weaker, some letting their baser instincts take over while others held on to what made them human.

The VenueEdit

Chat  - The place to BS

Character Creation  - The place to... you guessed it, create a character

Walking Dead Rebooted - The actual RP

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