Bleach Infobox:Character Hybrid
Race {{{race}}}
Birthday {{{birthday}}}
Age {{{age}}}
Gender {{{gender}}}
Height {{{height}}}
Weight {{{weight}}}
Blood Type {{{blood type}}}
Professional Status
Affiliation {{{affiliation}}}
Previous Affiliation {{{previous affiliation}}}
Profession {{{profession}}}
Previous Profession {{{previous profession}}}
Position {{{position}}}
Previous Position {{{previous position}}}
Division {{{division}}}
Previous Division {{{previous division}}}
Partner {{{partner}}}
Previous Partner {{{previous partner}}}
Base of Operations {{{base of operations}}}
Personal Status
Relatives {{{relatives}}}
Education {{{education}}}
Shikai {{{shikai}}}
Bankai {{{bankai}}}
Hankou {{{Hankou}}}
Reiryoku {{{Reiryoku}}}
Hakuda {{{Hakuda}}}
Seijuu {{{Seijuu}}}
Bukijuu {{{Bukijuu}}}
Hoho {{{Hoho}}}

Template Usage Edit

{{Bleach Wiki:Character Template (Shinigami)
  | name =
  | image = [[Image:CharacterName.png|center|200px]]
  | race =
  | birthday =
  | age =
  | gender =
  | height =
  | weight =
  | blood type =
  | affiliation =
  | previous affiliation =
  | profession =
  | previous profession =
  | position =
  | previous position =
  | division =
  | previous division =
  | partner =
  | previous partner =
  | base of operations =
  | relatives =
  | education =
  | shikai =
  | bankai =
  | hankou =
  | reiryoku =
  | hakuda =
  | seijuu =
  | bukijuu =
  | hoho =

Usage Edit

|name          = <!-- Name of the character/Any name you decide to put in. -->
|image         = <!-- Image of the character/Any related image. -->
|caption       = <!-- A caption for the image. -->
|game          = <!-- The game the character's is from. -->
|aka           = <!-- Character's known nicknames/Any nickname you decide to put in. -->
|gender        = <!-- The character's gender/Whatever gender you are or want to be. -->
|location       = <!-- The Character's in-game location/your current location or where you want to be. -->
|affiliations  = <!-- The character's known groups/Your affiliations.-->
|birth         = <!-- The character's birthdate/Any year you decide to put in for your supposed year of birth. **REMEMBER that putting personal information about yourself on the Internet is dangerous, and putting your real year of birth is UNADVISEABLE** -->
|status        = <!-- Whatever important notable status should be posted about the character./Whatever status you decide to list yourself as, military or otherwise. -->
|death         = <!-- The character's death (name a time, not a place or level/Any year you decide to put in for your supposed year of death. -->
|family        = <!-- For any family related to the character. -->
|weapon        = <!-- Weapons the character is known to use/Any weapons you decide to list yourself as using. -->

All fields other than "name and stats" aren't required for intended performance. Areas left blank are coded to not appear. This way, this template can be used for both characters AND userpages. Also, please do not attempt to add more information then necessary. Do not add nonsense like "thirsty" to the status even if the character constantly complains that he is thirsty. Leave it blank so it does not appear.

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