The Secretive Firefighter


First and foremost, Blake is a hero. He has a huge hero complex, and if he sees someone in need, he will always try to help them, even if this has a disastrous end. Which it usually does. Blake doesn't like to let people down, and loves to be a hero.

Blake is secondly private. He will carry you from a burning building, save you from walkers, carry you on his back through a desert, but he will not divulge personal information if he can avoid it. Blake is a firm believer in don't ask dont tell, especially when it comes to his bisexuality, something he is firmly in the closet about, much to his partner's chagrin.

Blake is known to be a bit of a people pleaser, trying his best to keep those around him happy, and protecting them as much as he can. Blake is loath to look like a bad guy, not wanting to hurt his reputation, another reason he is so firmly in the closet.

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