The Lonely Child
Rank AD-0
Race Fullbringer
Birthday January 12, 1998
Gender Male
Height 5'6"
Weight 132 lbs
Blood Type AB+
Family Parents [Unknown]
Professional Status
Affiliation None
Base of Operations Shibuya
Fullbring  Centurion Core

Arata Kamiya is a Fullbringer residing in Shibuya, but is not part of Xcution.


Arata has blonde hair that's cut at mid-length and rather messy, with one lock of hair sticking up like an antenna, and emerald green eyes. His face lacks masculinity, making his face seem almost feminine to other that might make that judgement. This is due to how he aged slightly slower, appearing younger than the norm.  

In school, he wears the normal school uniform. At other places, he wears some casual outfit consisting of jeans and shirts. 

However, he does prefer to wear his own outfit at times. It consists of a black full sleeve coat-like shirt with red outlines on it as well as on the wrist cuffs. The shirt is held by a rectangular badge at the top of the collar, and black pants. With the pants, he also wears a pair of leather boots that goes past the knees and has some black pads on the knees. He also sports a large white trench coat that he wears over the shirt.

Battle ModeEdit


Battle Mode

When using his Fullbring and enters a battle mode, he wears a blue battle outfit that goes from his chest down and has straps around it, while his shoulders are exposed. He also has dark pants that has a yellow stripe go through to his shoes and another around the knee area that forms a cross. The shoes has a metal cuff above the ankle area.

On his arms, he wears long finger-less gloves that extend almost up to his shoulders and has wristbands that are colored blue, yellow, and white, and a pair of armbands with four diamond shaped marks on them. He also gains a scarf around his neck.

Finally, Arata gains a one handed longsword with a guard on the handle and a sheath for it on Arata's back that's attached by the straps.

Whenever he draws the unique elemental abilities of his Centurions, he is able to materialize a new type of weapon that is better suited for that elemental usage of the Centurion. However, due to not having mastered his Fullbring yet, he cannot use the full extent of his powers or use more than one weapon of the Centurions at a time, aside from the sword Tenebrae has for him in his base form.


Arata is truly a pure and kindhearted soul that is innocent to great levels. However, that innocence makes him very naive as he was never taught right from wrong, having been alone all his life, never having any parents to love or guide him, and no friends that would play with him. However, even with that, Arata didn't know how to even hate someone, as all he truly wanted was companionship. Though at one point in he past, he had felt true hatred for someone.

Being alone was painful and he sought to have friends after seeing others, but he always had trouble making them, as he wasn't able to be outgoing and approach others, being too scared to do so. It also didn't help that his own spiritual powers seemed to emanate from him that made people wary of him, as if his presence was bothersome or unsettling, making other people want to avoid him, further fueling his desire for companionship.

This desire has become to being almost borderline obsession, as when he awakened his powers, he realized that if he could capture Hollows and use his powers to manipulate them into becoming new creatures, he wouldn't be alone. This makes him susceptible to deceit as others could very easily manipulate his desire into doing their bidding because he wouldn't know any better, as all he cares about was having his friends and always being with them forever.

For that, if anyone should come to harm his friends, or might seem like they would harm them, Arata can show a more darker self as he would make sure that whoever was trying to take his friends away from him would pay with their lives.


Early Life Edit

Arata was abandoned by his parents after he was born, leaving Arata's origins shrouded in mystery, with only his being left on the doorstep of an orphanage with a paper that had a name written on it, which was assumed to be his name, thus he was named Arata Kamiya. There was no record of Arata or any clue as to who he is, and even his birthday wasn't known, but the caretaker decided to make the day Arata was found his birthday.

The caregiver was named Marui, a kind middle aged woman, who raised Arata and the other kids with much love an affection, though she was strict on them when needed, and tried to make sure that they learned the necessities in life, such as trying to learn manners, keeping things clean, and knowing how to perform chores. Arata always held an attachment towards her, as if he considered her to be his mother, even if she always tried to remind him that she wasn't, but that didn't stop Arata from trying to be close to her.

As a child, Arata always played with items, but his most favorite seemed to be marbles, liking how they looked, and sometimes even decorating them with paint and other things, though he always washed them off, because he liked their normal look the most. He seemed to keep two of them in particular with him for some reason, not wanting to let go of them.

Later on, when Arata was 6 years old, he began to show signs of strangeness when he began to talk to to himself, but Arata always insisted there were other people there, but there wasn't a soul there. But in actuality, there were, as Arata had already awakened his spiritual energy and could see spirits of the deceased, but he didn't know the ones he was talking to were dead people, but just regular people. Due to how he was the only one in the orphanage that could see the spirits, he was generally left alone by others, except for Marui, who believed Arata and told him that he had a gift that he should be proud of.

Arata felt really happy and spent even more time with her, that he began to think of her as his mother, and gave her a marble of his as a gift, and explained that the two marbles he always kept with him were a reminder of his parents, wherever they were, and thus that meant that he kept it to remind him how important they were, and by giving a marble of his to Marui, he was showing how he thought of her as someone very important to him, making Marui smile.

It was after that, however, that Marui began to slowly grew ill for unforeseen circumstances, and even the doctors were questioning how she had grown ill, as she didn't seem to show any signs of being infected by anything at all, and thus decided that she merely needed lots of rest and be fed medicine regularly.

She didn't get better, though. If anything, she slowly got worse and worse, but one thing seemed to be certain to others. Her illness seemed to get worse whenever Arata was with her, and thus they barred Arata from visiting her, much to his protest and grief. Arata pleaded them to allow him to see her, as he couldn't understand why they were blaming him for this. But no matter how much he pleaded, they fell on deaf ears, and the others began to see him as a freak, especially with how he still talked to empty space which he claimed to have people there.

By the time Arata turned 7, Marui passed away in her sleep. Arata wasn't there when that happened, but from her death, Arata secluded himself from others, sadness overcoming him at how he was all alone again, with only the marble he had given her coming back into his possession.

The Cursed Life Edit

A year had gone by and Arata had remained distant from everyone, but he still yearned for someone to be with him. Soon, a new person from the orphanage arrived, a teenage boy named Haruto, who had lost his parents in an accident and had no relatives to care for him. Arata watched him from afar and saw how this one was even more distant from others than even Arata himself, which made Arata wonder if he could try and approach him, sensing a certain similarity with him.

Arata's attempts to befriend the teen ended up in failure mostly, but Arata seemed to be making progress with each attempt, from trying to share food with him, to trying to play ball with him, and even more.

The thing that had really made the two bond was when Arata found him outside one night looking at a picture of his lost family, and how Haruto was crying. Arata peeked over his shoulder and saw that there was another person there along with Haruto and his parents, a younger sibling. When Haruto realized Arata's presence, he immediately hid the picture and looked angrily at Arata, asking him what he wants, and Arata looked sad, before saying that he's alone too. He told Haruto how his own parents had abandoned him at the orphanage and how the old caretaker had died and how he had thought of her as a mother, and was alone again after her death. He even included how everyone avoids him and he just wants someone to talk to, and the only things he had to remember his parents and caretaker by were the marbles he continued to keep with him always.

Now coming to an understanding, Haruto accepted Arata and became friends with him.

Their bond grew as they always played together, and the boy considered Arata to be a younger brother to him, and thanked him for approaching him, and now he didn't feel so lonely anymore, which Arata admitted that he didn't feel so lonely now, and then the boy suggested that if a family tries to adopt either one of them, the other has to come as well, vowing to be together always. The promise made Arata happy beyond words.

After a year had passed, Arata began to understand some things about himself. He understood that the reason others couldn't see the people that he could was because they were the souls of the deceased that he believed wasn't able to move on. He decided that his gift was something that others wouldn't be able to understand based on how people avoided him before, and kept it a secret from others, and even Haruto.

As time went on, he had managed to make two additional friends, both of them older than him by a few years. One was a girl named Masami, and the other was a boy named Kohaku. Even when Arata became a bit more social, most people still tended to try and avoid Arata, perhaps because of his power, but Haruto, Kohaku, and Masami didn't seem to be affected like the other people were. By being with them, Arata had never felt so happy in his life, and it felt as if nothing could ruin it for him.

Sadly, things would take a dramatic turn for the worst for Arata.

Arata wanted to make a memento of his friendship with his friends, and had planned on giving each of them one of his marbles that he decorated. He planned to give it to them when they were being driven home. However, what Arata hadn't realized was that his powers had grown, and that had caused Hollows to notice it and be drawn towards him. The Hollows attacked the car they were in, causing an accident from the crash. Luckily, Arata had managed to crawl out of the car, while the others were still stuck from the damage they had gotten from the accident.

Having escaped the car, Arata saw to his horror, a monster that he never knew existed, and how the monster seemed to be glaring right at Arata, hungry for Arata's power. Arata felt fear overcome him, paralyzing him from moving. The monster made a move to pierce Arata with it's claws, but before it struck him, Arata's own energy managed to get out, diverting the attack slightly and making it graze his shoulder, the pain helping Arata regain his ability to move. Due to the Hollow only desiring Arata's soul, it constantly attacked him, making Arata run for his life, though being an 8 year old, Arata really couldn't get far and got cut on the legs, making him fall down. Turning around, Arata watched helplessly as the Hollow came down and made to strike Arata, but right then and there, Haruto came over between them, taking the blow that fatally wounded him.

As some of Haruto's blood dripped on Arata's face, Arata asked why, before Haruto smiled and said that being with Arata had slowly made him aware of the spirits of the deceased, and that he knew Arata could see them too, but felt that Arata wasn't ready to tell others. Haruto said that he loved Arata as a brother and thanked him for the time they had, before his eyes lost their color.

The Hollow pulled back and made to make another attack at Arata and Arata screamed out in despair and rage, his spiritual energy bursting out, killing the Hollow from the amount that became too much to handle.

With the Hollow gone, Arata was left to mourn the loss of Haruto, the one Arata thought of as a brother.

That was not the end of it. Arata's spiritual energy had grown stronger a great deal that people began to fear Arata even further, opting to try and stay away with him, and even Arata's friends Masami and Kohaku began to distance themselves from him, as Arata's spiritual energy began to give off a presence around Arata that caused the two to become wary of him. Soon, Arata realized that his friends no longer wanted anything to do with him, and thus Arata severed ties with them, but still kept the marbles he planned to give them with him, not wanting to forget the time he had spent with them.

The Awakening Edit

Now having decided that being friends with humans were too much to bear, Arata spent his time talking with the spirits, as they were already dead, so he wouldn't have to fear of losing them, or so he thought. He befriended many spirits, and being calmed by them helped his own spiritual energy to stop being so far released that Arata couldn't help but repel others and attract the Hollows, though he hadn't encountered any after his first meeting with one.

As time went on, Arata always looked over the marbles that he had decorated, each incorporating a person that he had been connected to and lost, and began to wonder if the marbles were the reason for his suffering, but even considering it, Arata wouldn't let go of them, not wanting to give up the only thing he felt had him connected to something.

Eventually, though, Arata would someone that would change his life forever: a Shinigami.

Arata met the Shinigami one day when he was going to the place he usually met a certain spirit in, but once he had reached there, Arata found a girl with strange black robes over them, almost like she was some sort of samurai, and even had a sword on her. She drew her sword and touched the spirit's head with the tip of the hilt, and Arata witnessed the spirit vanish away. Arata approached the girl and angrily demanded to know what she had done to his friend.

The girl, surprised that someone could see her, asked if he could see the spirits of the dead, and he said that he could, before she explained that she's from another world, a place that could be considered Heaven, and explained that she had merely sent the spirit there to live in peace before it would be reincarnated into a new life here in the future.

Surprised by her explanation, Arata apologized to her for getting upset, and said that he hoped the man would be happy, and the girl asked him why he was there and asked if he should be going home or something, but Arata explained that he usually played with the spirits and that no one wanted to be around him usually. The girl realized the potential of Arata's spiritual energy inside him and worried that it might be causing disturbances and how Hollows had been acting as of late, but told him nothing, but felt a desire to watch over him. As she prepared to leave, she told him her name, Subaru, and promised to come by to talk to him again.

Since she was a spirit still, or a Shinigami, he didn't worry about her dying, and accepted.

Over the next few months, Arata had been playing with her every now and then whenever she visited, and grew close to her. Normally he would want to give her a marble, but he didn't want to jinx it, so he refrained from it. However, on the days whenever he was reminded of the deaths of Marui or Haruto, or how his so called friends had abandoned him, Arata didn't play with his Shinigami friend, and Subaru noticed his sadness a few times.

When Arata finally told her, Subaru sympathized with him and told him that he's really strong to have endured all that, admitting that she could never accomplish that. She had also noticed the marbles that he carried, which Arata also explained to her, and believes that whenever he gives someone a marble or plans on it, something bad happens. Subaru didn't believe in such things and took one of his other marbles and told him that she would keep it to show him that such things weren't true and that it was all in his head.

And that actually seemed to be the case for once, as Arata managed to remain with her for several years after that, Arata became great friends with her, with Arata becoming almost dependent on his friendship with her, due to how people tended to still avoid him, and Arata didn't make any attempts to approach others, but Arata didn't care, as he enjoyed Subaru's company, and she had even given him a marble that she decorated herself, saying that it shouldn't jinx him since she's giving it to him, much to Arata's amusement at how she teased him about the superstitions. Subaru had grown to be Arata's closest friend.

But Arata's feelings for her soon grew to being more than simple friends, and she herself began to feel the same way. However, unlike Subaru, Arata couldn't understand his feelings for her.

Almost half a year after he had turned 15 years old, Arata decided to talk to Subaru regarding his feelings that had been growing for her, but he hadn't been able to see her for a while. She didn't appear on the usual spots for days, and no matter how much he looked, he couldn't find her. Arata grew more and more worried, and everyday he would go outside and search for her.

One month later, Arata had finally found her, but she seems sad for some reason. Arata didn't waste any time and embraced her, already falling into tears as he said that he missed her and wanted to know where she was. Subaru smiled sadly and told him that she had been busy with her job for a while, but she also wanted to tell him something important, and began to take him to a more secluded area for some reason.

Arata asked her why she was taking him that far, but soon, Subaru turned around and Arata watched how her eyes began to show something different as she smirked, and before he knew it, a mask appeared over her face, and her voice became warped, and she transformed into a monster, almost like the monster killed Haruto years ago, and attacked Arata.

Unable to comprehend what was happening, Arata could only watch in horror as the one he once knew as Subaru attacked, but rather than outright killing him, she pinned him to the ground, and pierced him through multiple parts of his body, non of them were vitals, as Arata could only scream in pain. The monster laughed and told him that it's so sad how it is for Arata to be killed by the girl that loved him so much.

Confused, Arata couldn't respond, as she was writhing in the pain all over his body. The monster told him that the woman he was seeing had died over a month ago when hunting for a Hollow, the monsters Arata was seeing now in fact, and that after he killed her, he entered her body and took control of it, and gained the memories of her life in the process. Using her body, he had killed many others and enjoyed his meals, and then he wanted to devour Arata because of his strong spiritual power, and laughed at how Arata came running to her the moment he had shown up in her body. As if to insult Arata further, he told him that Subaru had loved him and wanted to confess to him after she had finished her mission that had led to her demise.

It was then that something inside Arata snapped, and an emotion that he never knew emerged from the same feelings he had for Subaru: hatred, the very opposite of his feelings for Subaru, directed at the one that killed her. Arata screamed in rage and the Hollow was blown back as Arata slowly stood up, and glared at the monster, who laughed at how Arata was acting so tough now and shifted back into Subaru's form, daring him to try and hurt the girl he cared for so much, and Arata gritted his teeth so hard that in his anger and hatred for the Hollow in front of him, the marbles that Subaru had given him began to glow and floated up. Arata didn't understand what happened, but he grabbed it, feeling something in him being implanted into it, and threw it at the Hollow, and the marble entered it's body, and seemed to destroy the monster from the inside out, as the monster screamed in pain, before it disintegrated, but what remained where just two items... the marble that Subaru had taken from him as a memento of their friendship, and a much larger marble with a crest in the center, but Arata couldn't contemplate it as he cried at how the girl he had loved was dead, though he still didn't understand that he loved her. After that, he passed out from the injuries and bloodloss.

The Creation of CenturionsEdit

Stragely enough, Arata woke up back on his bed somehow, waking up from it the next morning in different clothes, and wondered what had happened, and found all his wounds had healed. At first he wondered if everything was just a dream, but then he noticed the orb with the crest in the center on his desk, which made him realize that it wasn't a dream. The newcaretaker of the orphanage that replaced Marui arrived and explained to him that the police had found Arata there, and that he was covered in blood, but strangely enough, there were no injuries on him, but marks and some cut parts on his clothes. 

At first the police suspected Arata of being suicidal or might have hurt someone, but as Arata had no injuries on him, and the blood he had was Arata's own. Thus, the police couldn't figure out what happened.

The caretaker asked him what he was doing at the woods and why he was covered in blood. Not wanting to explain to her that he was attacked by some monster, especially as no one would believe him, so he said that he couldn't remember. While suspicious still, the caretaker decided not to press it, but warned him that he has to come home by curfew no matter what from then on. Arata understood, and thus everything seemed to go back to normal. 

However, from this point on, Arata was now considered more of an outcast by other people of the orphanage, and rumor spreads through the school, making him more alone than he ever was. He decided that he shouldn't be friends with anyone if this was going to happen to him and they just die on him. He wondered if he would one day as well, and that he would be all alone then. 

Always bringing the orb he had found with him, Arata felt some kind of connection for some reason, but couldn't understand. However, after a week had passed, Arata began to hear a voice coming the orb, as it glowed for some reason every now and then. Arata began to talk to it whenever he was alone in private, but the voice seemed to be faint and still seemed unable to understand anything at times, but Arata didn't mind. Just being able to talk to something, even if this was just an item, was enough for him to feel even a little bit more secure. 

Then it finallty happened. 

A month after he had obtained the orb, the voices grew stronger and on that night, Arata watched as the orb glowed a bright purple and began to take a form, before showing to be a dog like creature, which spoke, now more fluent and understanding, calling Arata 'Lord' before his name, much to his confusion. 

The creature explained to him that he was a creature born from Arata's power, a Centurion. Still confused, the creature began to explain things that Arata didn't know, but for some reason the creature did. He explained that Arata has the power that allows him to creature creatures like him, and they come from the remaining 7 marbles he still had, and by infusing them into a Hollow, the kind that Arata had met twice in his life, Arata can create more creatures like the one before Arata, called Centurions, and states that they exist purely for Arata. 

Arata couldn't fully grasp this still, and then the creatures state that he wishes to be named by Arata, stating that as the creator of him, he wishes to be named by Arata, but stated that he hoped that the name would be a fitting name for him, before saying that Arata can take his time, and also noted to Arata that only Arata could see him, as those without power will never see creatures like him unless the Centurion reveals themselves to them. Confused by everything that happened, Arata went to sleep, but his sleep wasn't that well due to the amount of information that he had obtained so suddenly. 

The next few days Arata was trying to act like nothing happened, but it was impossible as the Centurion followed him just like a dog would, and asking if Arata had thought of a name yet, all times the answer being no. Eventually, Arata had enough and shouted at the Centurion that he should go away and be with someone else, as everyone around him always dies, and if he had just stayed as an orb, Arata wouldn't have to worry about something like that. It was then that the Centurion stated that he cannot die, so long as Arata lives. The Centurion explains that he is bound to Arata forever, and so long as Arata is alive, so too shall the Centurions, and because of that, they will forever be with him no matter what. Hearing that, Arata became silent, shocked to hear such a thing, and finally felt himself fall on his knees, starting to cry, but not of sadness, but of joy. 

Finally he had someone that wouldn't die, and would stay with him, and hearing that finally eased Arata's sadness, and then returned home, and began looking up names for the Centurion, before he found something that seemed cool and fits his Centurion, and named him 'Tenebrae,' which means shadow or darkness in latin. Pleased with the name, Tenebrae accepted it. 

From then on, Arata spent time with Tenebrae, and Tenebrae began to slowly train Arata to become stronger and use his powers more, and even showed his own powers to Arata, thus helping him understand his powers and the need to grow stronger, and also explained the nature of Hollows and what are connected to them: Arrancars, Shinigami, and Quinces, with Arata being none of those, but his powers are akin to that of a Hollow's, and there are bound to be people similar to Arata out there in the world. 

Learning so much, Arata learned how Hollows were human souls that never found their salvation, but instead lose their hearts and turned into monsters. Shinigami is the kind that Arata befriended back then and their jobs were to make sure that souls are purified and sent to another world, Quinces were ones that destroy Hollows completely, soul and all, and Arrancars were Hollows that have evolved and then acquired new powers by removing their masks, thus becoming similar to Shinigami. Learning so much, Arata began to also contemplate his own powers further, and begins to wonder if he should make another.

Thus, Arata decided that he will go and make more Centurions. He first appeared in another town where a Gillian appeared, and was defeated by Lucian, with Yoru and Astrid present as well. Stopping Lucian from performing the final blow by intercepting the attack, Arata then proceeded to implant his marble into the Gillian, and thus created the second Centurion Core.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Centurion Enhancement: Arata's Fullbring enables him to create Centurions, and from those Centurions, he is able to draw power from them, and enables him to enhance his own capabilities, making him stronger, faster, and more durable. The more Centurions he has, the stronger he will become.

Beginner Combatant: For all his power and capabilities, Arata is actually a terrible fighter, never once having recieved training or ever having gotten into a fight himself. This makes him very easy to beat up or catch off guard, even with his enhanced capabilities and powers.

High Spiritual Power: Ever since he was a child, Arata held a high amount of spirutal energy which had been growing more and more as he aged, allowing him to see spirits and Hollows, and then further to where he had released too much spiritual power that a Hollow was destroyed from the burst of energy. To create Centurions would require a lot of power and the more he makes, the more his own power grows stronger. After having created Tenebrae, Arata had enough power to subjugate a Gillian and turn into a Centurion Core.

Soul Infusion: Arata believes that to create his Centurions, Arata shares a portion of his own powers with the Hollows that become his Centurions. However, that is not the case. What he really does is distribute a portion of his own soul and infuse it with the Hollow, thus creating the Centurions.

Centurion Link: Due to how his Centurions are infused with a portion of his own soul, Arata shares a special bond with them, and even is linked to them. With it, he can talk to them telepathically, sometimes see through their eyes, and so forth. This also means that he feels the pain they feel, as if his Centurions are hurt, he feels it as well. If the Centurion is killed, Arata feels as if he had died as well, even though he really didn't die.

Enhanced Strength: While normally his strength is average, if not less than average, for a human his age, by drawing power from the Centurions, Arata is able to strengthen himself to be much stronger than the average human. With just Tenebrae, Arata's strength enables him to be able to have enough strength to break through a Hollow's mask with sheer strength.

Enhanced Speed: By utilizing the Bringer Light, Arata is able to pull on the souls of the concrete and air around him to move faster than the average human, and not cause any physical strain on himself as he moves. With just Tenebrae as his Centurion, Arata had been able to move fast enough to intercept Lucian's Heilig Pfeil that moved to kill a Gillain class Hollow without being noticed.

Enhanced Durability: Arata has shown to be very durable, having drawn power from the Centurions to strengthen it by forming a layer of spiritual energy around him body, thus allowing him to be able to block Lucian's Heilig Pfeil, which would have killed a Gillian class Hollow, with just his hand and suffered no damage from it.

Immortality: Despite his durability, Arata doesn't realize that even if he's badly hurt or even killed, he would simply recover and revive completely healed after a while. This is due to how the Centurions, who carry a piece of Arata's soul, serve to maintain Arata's original soul, thus making him virtually immortal. This is due to how Arata does not wish to die, as to die means to be all alone. The only way to kill Arata is to kill all the Centurions and then him, as when the Centurions are killed, the soul fragment returns to Arata. However, Arata is able to restore the lives of his Centurions if given enough time.

Adept Soul Alchemist: Ever since Arata was a child, he had unknowingly developed a rare and dangerous form of Soul Alchemy: Arcane Alchemy. With it, Arata us able to control other Hollows, which he uses to subjugate and keep them still so he could turn them into Centurions. However, he cannot maintain his control over Hollows for too long. Along with that, due to Arata never going through training through Soul Alchemy, Arata cannot use Soul Alchemy past the normal basics.


Centurion's Core: Arata's Fullbring is by far one of the most unique of them all, not because of the items, but rather what he is able to do with his Fullbring items. Arata's Fullbring is 8 marble spheres that he always played with when he was a child and had a connection with the 8 people that held significance in his life and each of a different color. These items are what he uses to create special beings known as Centurions, creatures that exist not of any other race, but are actually created from Hollows, due to the Hollow nature of the Fullbring.

However, despite being made from Hollows, they are not truly Hollows anymore, thus Quinces cannot exterminate them, nor can Shinigami's purify them.

To create them, Arata takes one of the marbles which he infuses a portion of his own soul, though he believes its really a portion of his own spiritual energy. Once the process is done, the Hollow is fused into the marble as well, and the marble becomes larger to the size of one's palm, being more of a crystal orb than a marble, with an insignia in the center. After that, Arata must give it spiritual energy to sustain it, before it takes a week to a month for the Centurion Core to finally hatch and take the form of a creature. Before then, signs of it nearing its hatch is when the core begins to glow and sometimes speak to Arata. After hatching, the Centurions no longer need to assume their core form any longer, and cannot be seen by the humans, unless they are spiritually aware. 

When Centurions are wounded, weakened, or have no more energy to sustain themselves, they return to sleep in their core form to slowly restore their power from Arata. However, if a Centurion is wounded to the point that they die, then they simply disintegrate and the soul returns to Arata, and Arata gains a crest of the Centurion on his body. Arata must then place the crest into a different Hollow, and the core will be restored, thus recreating the Centurion, but Arata must wait till they are fully restored before they can assume their forms once more. 

The creature the Centurion takes the form of could be virtually anything, and sometimes represents a specific type of the element the Centurion represents. While Centurions are able utilize those elements to their control, an extension of Arata's Soul Alchemy as well, the Centurions are capapble of actually producing such elements, though Tenebrae is a unique exception. They are also able to share their power with Arata, giving him more power to use and enhance his own physical capabilities. Tenebrae, as the base Centurion, gives Arata his base battle outfit along with a one handed long sword with a hand guard. Also, all the Centurions are linked with Arata spiritual energy as well, so should they use their powers to produce elements and such, Arata's spiritual energy slowly diminishes. If Arata runs out of power, no Centurion can maintain their own powers. 

While a Centurion can be made from any Hollow, from an ordinary Hollow to a Menos, all the Centurions are equal in power, and Arata cannot make a Hollow that is more powerful than himself into a Centurion, so all Centurions can only be as powerful as Arata himself is.


Tenebrae's Core

Tenebrae's Core

Tenebrae is the very first Centurion Arata had created and the most unique. Tenebrae resembles a black dog with a claw like hand at the end of his tail. He was made from an ordinary Hollow that had attacked Arata, but Arata had subjagated the Hollow and turned him into a core. Tenebrae's core is purple colored.

Tenebrae is not like any of the other Centurions, and is known as the Centurion of Darkness. While Centurions are generally able to produce elements corresponding to their element, Tenebrae does no such thing. Tenebrae is actually the main and true Centurion, reflecting Arata, similar to a Zanpakuto Spirit. Tenebrae's primary purpose above all others is to maintain balance within Arata's soul, due to the danger Arcane Alchemy possesses. To do so, Tenebrae keeps Arata's spiritual energy, along with the energy of the other Centurions, in check so that they do not cause a strain on Arata that could cause an imbalance. This means that Tenebrae being destroyed would result in Arata slowly losing control over the energies of his spiritual energy, along with the other Centurions energy, until Tenebrae is restored. Tenebrae is essentially known as the Centurion of Darkness not for it's element, but rather how Tenebrae protects Arata from the darkness within him.

While Tenebrae is usually meant to make sure Arata's spirit energy is in check, Tenebrae possesses other kinds of powers of his own, being outside Soul Alchemy. Tenebrae is able to manipulate and disrupt the powers of other Centurions might perform should they be controlled or lose control of themselves. That ability cannot work on anyone or anything besides the Centurions. He also possesses control over gravity which when used after growing more powerful, can have control over spatial capabilities and more.

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Tenebrae is known to be rather spiteful, though in a more playful manner, as he enjoys teasing and making remarks about others in a way to make them angry or upset, which he finds amusing, though if he goes too far, he is quick to apologize. When not being spiteful, Tenebrae is rather polite and is willing to explain whatever might confuse others. Tenebrae is very loyal towards Arata and calls him 'Lord,' but even then, Tenebrae does occasionally poke fun at him, and does call him simply by his name if Arata wishes him to.


Aqua's Core

Aqua's Core

Aqua is the second Centurion created by Arata, created from a Gillian Hollow. Aqua resembles much like a mermaid, though with different features, seeming more mixed of the two species mermaids generally show to be. She has long blue hair that extends past her legs even, with a tail fin at the end of it, and has cerulean blue eyes. She has a small fish skeleton accessory item on one ear. Her core is blue colored.

Being the Centurion of Water, Aqua is able to create and control water, shaping it and using it for however she can with her powers, similar to how soul alchemy would allow it to work. With it, she is able to create a field of water around the area, and even fire jets of water to knock back foes, and with more power and skill, increase the pressure of it to deliver painful force or compress the water to be able to cut through objects. She is even able to adjust the temperature of the water, turning it from cold to boiling hot if she so desires. She is also very good at swimming in the water, able to move faster than almost anything that could live in the sea. 

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Contrary to her element, Aqua is very hot headed and tempermental, refusing to take any kind of offense directed to her. Rather than loyalty, Aqua shows a more infatuated look towards Arata, and refers to him as 'Master' before addressing his name, similar to Tenebrae, but unlike Tenebrae, she always calls Arata that, and is willing to do anything for him, not teasing or picking on him like Tenebrae would at times. She doesn't get along very well with Tenebrae at all, and is often arguing with him, though she's usually the one doing the arguing. 

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Ability 3Edit

Name  ?
Type  ?
Cost  ?
Stat  ?
Range  ?

Describe your ability.


Depending on your SEI level, you have a varying amount of manipulations you can choose from. Please refer to this document for more information. Assuming a SEI level of 6, this part would look something like this.

Name Description Level
Manipulation name Describe your manipulation. 25
Manipulation name Describe your manipulation. 25
Manipulation name Describe your manipulation. 25
Manipulation name Describe your manipulation. 15


  • Arata's appearance is based off of Aster Laker, Emil Castagnier, and Ratatosk from Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World.
    • His Fullbring is based off of the 8 Centurions from the Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World.
  • Arata's inability to truly die due to his Centurions holding a fragment of his soul is based off of Horcruxes from Harry Potter.



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